Vishudhan Malayalam Movie Review

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visudhan-movie-review (2)Vishudhan Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: Anto Joseph

Director: Vysakh

Screenplay: Vyshakh

Cinematography: Shahanaz Jalal

Cast: Kunchacko Boban, Mia, Lal, Hareesh Peradi

Music: Gopi Sunder

Editing: Mahesh Narayanan


Vyshakh, contrary to his earlier works has adopted rather serious way of narration in ‘Vishudhan’. Having the chance for wounding the religious sentiments aplenty, he however has drawn out a movie that is shocking at a sense, but was not entertaining enough too.

The story is starting with Father Sunny (Kunchakko Boban), who comes to take in charge of a church in a remote place, where Sister Sophie (Mia) serves. And the story develops through a strike happening in the Medical College which is under the control of Valiya Veettil Vaavahcan (Hareesh Peradi). Soon after father Sunny and sister Sophie become foe to Vaavachan and this in turn has given so many struggles to the formers. And eventually both Sunny and Sophie were forced to leave their holy life with the whole village turning against them. Without stopping there, Vaavachan and his son (Krishna Kumar) haunt Sunny and Sophie. But, the new father (Lal) who come in charge of the church turn into their help. As things start to split blood, how Sunny reacts to the situations is what Vyshakh has to tell in Vishudhan.

Slightly different, but following some of the formulaic treatment is visible in this Vyshakh flick. Having introduced a rather dark mood to the environment, the makers were successful in keeping the pressure levels on a high notes. Definitely they have dealt relevant issues, and out of them some deserves to have special attentions from our part as well, like that of the one occurring behind the dead body business and old age homes. However, movie never managed to break the shell by traversing beyond the limits and contending itself just to yet another revenge drama. We have seen many movies in the past where the central protagonist becoming forced to adapt violence in order to settle the antagonists. It has been the popular tradition ever since the advent of cinemas. Vishudhan, so far is not different by any means that the hero too undergoes heating conditions in his life and eventually taking sword to fight out his enemies. And it is at this point that movie tend to befriend with the tried and tested formulas.

It is simple to term this movie to yet another revenge drama. But looking back at this flick can give some impressions over the way they have dealt the whole matters. The movie asks some questions towards the audience at the end. Even though not suitable for adaption, the actions of Sunny finally were ended on a positive note.


Kunchacko Boban has experimenting for a while with characters with various hues and shades. Well, father Sunny can be termed as an example for the actor’s quest for the matter and he deserves a large round of applause for the portrayal of the character. Mia too has managed to create an impression with a role that boasts enough screen space with that of Kunchacko as long as her character lives in the movie.

Hareesh Peradi is fastly emerging to the post of an actor, who portrays both character roles as well as the ones with grey shades with élan. And this one was safe in the hands of this talented actor. Shalin, Krishnakumar, Nandu and all others helped the leading cast by amply supporting.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, Vishudhan has produced a sounding work with cinematography emerging as the winner by capturing the gorgeous places of Vagamon. Songs were all pictured neatly with the lush landscapes smiling in the backgrounds. Editing too was not far behind in perfection.


Musical album, which has already found its place in the hearts of the audience, was even better to enjoy, especially with those beautiful cinematographic works. The BGM too was successful in going hand in hand with the dark mood of the movie.


Though tried to mold a clichéd revenge drama with new crimes, the facts remains intact that movie relied heavily on the tried and tested formula. Somehow, it lacked the right elements to make the viewers sit and watch the movie without looking at the watches.


Vyshakh tried his hand at this time in a different genre that has been never tested by him before. Its seemed like he was in a mood for not including any comical elements unlike his earlier works as well. Albeit with the introduction of the likes of Suraj Venjaramoodu, movie fared quite badly when its come to stress releasing moments. But it’s justifiable as the whole movie took a liking towards a dark mood.

Verdict: One time watchable flick


Rating: 2.5


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