Thappana Malayalam Movie User Review

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Thappana Malayalam Movie Review

Directed By : Johny Antony

Written By : M. Sindhuraj

Screenplay By : M. Sindhuraj

Produced By : Milan Jaleel

Starring : Mammootty, Charmy Kaur, Murali Gopy
Thappana is a Malayalam movie directed by Johny Antony, and starring Mammootty, Charmy Kaur and Murali Gopy.

Story :

Samkutty, happens to meet Marykutty on one of the days of his release from the prison. Samkutty spots Marykutty who got released from the women’s cell.
Samkutty views it as his responsibility to escort her home. She refuses to utter a word to him during the journey back to her home. Samkutty soon
realize that Marykutty’s life is a complicated one.

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61 thoughts on “Thappana Malayalam Movie User Review

  1. enthina mammukka njangale viddikal akkunne
    aviswasaneeya maya katha….

    chumma njangale viddikal akkunna super athu matram kollam.
    9th flop from mammukka. Rs.80/ um timum nashtam.
    ramzan chitrangalil kandirikkavunnathu Mr.marumakan thanne..koduth aksinu alpam chirikkam .

    • mr.marumakan nalathanu enu paraja rajjesh…tankaluku film kandu vilayiruthan ariyila enu manasilayila…..comment cheyithilakilum vendila………mr.marumakan top enu parayale machu

  2. ***First half
    decently directed,
    gud song, visualisation
    his speaking style doesn’t create any sense
    Second half
    a typical Superstar Movie.
    fights will remind tamil intrusion in Johny’s movie
    predictable story
    but watchable,
    mammootty’s comedy is bearable than Thuruppu Gulan.
    He’s done a good job

  3. Padam will be a big hit in this onam.vinu,sabu makkale ithrakku tharamthazaruthu. See from radha,calicut.

  4. Thappana kalakki.mammookka done will be a big hit in this onam.makkale vinu,sabu ithrakku tharamthazharuthu. See from radhacalicut.

  5. Film valya kuzhapamilla. Recently release cheyta mammootty films vechu compare cheytal sahikkavunnathe ullu

  6. Majority of Malayalees have no shame to see Allu Arjun’s Gajapokkiri type films and make it a success in Kerala theaters. But Films of Mammooty & Mohan Lal if it is above average Our viewers try to throw stones on them. Thappana is an above average film and encourage it to become a hit.

    • Sheriya thallipoli padam thappana alla anneyulle…. Mr marumakan anne thallipoli padam…. Nanamilleda ninakokke parayan.thappana goodmovie thanks joniantony….

  7. Koothara padam…, a waste.., Mammooti pinnem Malayala cinemaye parayippichu. Superhitukal mathram varunnathinidakku Puttinu Thenga pole floppukal varunnath Mammutti padangal irangunnathu kondaanu…

    • Nalla onnadharam malayala cinima . Ninne andhinada njagal kanunnathe … Ne poda.. Nite certificat venda malayalathil eragunna mikacha chithragalkke…..

    • havooooo…….chinatown super enu paraja teamukal undu…..athreyum polii onum alalo……..watchable movie athre ulu…..pine kandittu ethakane……ur potatharam kelkande…………………..

    • njan mammooty fan alla….. .ngilum oru cinema nallathaanengil nallathennu parayanulla maryadha undaavanam priya suhurthukale,,,…i think its a good film……

  8. Sathyamayittum padam kandittanu comment cheyyunnathu, padam super, mammootty kalakki, padam boar adikkilla, valare kalathinu sesham theatril kayyadi sabdam kettu…thnx johny antony

  9. film who says movie is a flop are fools they watch stupid tamil movies and movies like bachelor party and copies like chaapa kurishu and say its great we are simple malayalees who enjoy movies like this movies r entertainment and this is an average entertainer compared to other movies

  10. Padam super. Thakarppan film. Lalunnikal athra negative mesage ayachalum e padam poliyilla makkale. Mr marumakan thallipoli chithrama tamil cinima coppi adichuvechirikkuva mosham sherikkum marumakan kandu cash poyi…..

  11. mamukka its time … Now over to dulkar… We need fresh stories and concepts. We dont want to watch simply the stars… But need good movies like.. Traffic, salt and pepper, beautiful, thattathin marayathu, necklace etc… Dont create thallikootu like simhasanam, marumakan, t

    • machane njangalku venam ethupolulla nalla entertainer….johny antony ennu parayunna director angerude shyliyil edutta nalla film annu thappana….thangal poyi traffic,salt and pepper okke kandolu plzzzzz

  12. it is a watchable movie..mammooka kalakki…asooya nannalla suhrutte ..nallatine nallatu ennu thanne parayanam…

  13. Padam potti ennu parayunnavanmar theaterilum koode onnu pokunnath nannayirikum….chumma 15 rs ku netum cheyth kandaduthellam commentum cheyth irikaruth….mr marumakan kandondirikam athreyullu…..ente achaya avalude puttum kadalayum…oh…

  14. Augest 15-flop
    doubles- flop
    bombay march 12- flop
    train- flop
    vanicile vyapari-flop
    shikari- flop
    king &commisioner- flop
    thapana- big big big big bigg……………. …,……………..,….,……..,,…………..flop . Thriple hat-ric flop movies… It’s a big achivment … Keep it…

  15. Thappana kallaki, Acting of thilkan was good and Jgathy did well and of course guest role of Prithvi was amazing, ( it these characters was there in the film it must be a watchable movie). Dear viewers it is an avoidable movie . I don’t know whether it is a flop or super hit but if felt i wasted my money and time in watching this film

  16. …HEy heY….mR.MArumaKAn naLLa padaM aNEnnu paRanJa maHAnmare poLE ulla wsT vWrs nODu eNIkkoNNUm paRAyanILla…aPUraTHE tHTr il sanThosh paNDith NTe paDAm uNdenKi iVan maRu enGAnelUm kaShunDakki poYi paDam kaNDu oLa CheEthem paRAnju vaRUm
    aBt THappanaA…iTZ aN aBOv avRg muV….jsT go nD waCh…guD enTRtaINr…..

  17. old formula thanne patthale idichidunna hero, he can sing ect…..ithil oru difrnce und nayakanu ‘sa’ ennu ucharikkan kazhiyilla . pinne kilavan mammoonjinu nayika 26 vayasu mathram ulla charmi. mammookka please be more selective nd do roles that suitable for ur age or stop acting..ippol ningalude makanum shanuvumokke undallo..ini avar bharicholum malluwood..

  18. i am telling the truth.i have seen this film. With all respect to mr.Mammooty,don’t do this type of roles,i feel an artificial acting which we don’t expect from an actor like mammukka. sir u pls checkout your recent films.there is nothing in pls be selective.don’t do any comic and youngster roles(m&M).as far as thappana is concerned with no such real story,boring scenes totally not at all good.pls forgive me for the comment

  19. watched it!…cant say its a great movie!! its only a time pass watchable movie!! comparing oll da flops mammootty made dis wont be 1 i guess

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