Thank You Malayalam Movie Review

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thank you malayalam movieThank You Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: Shahul Hameed Marikar

Director: VK Prakash.

Starring: Jayasurya, Sethu, Honey Rose, Saiju Kurup, Tini Tom.

Cinematography: Arvind Krishna.

Music: Bijipal.

Screenplay: Arun Lal.

“Thank You” reminds you many things. Don’t wonder if you also got reminded of some of the popular movies out there.

A fellow police officer’s (Tini Tom) wireless machine has been stolen by a stranger (Jayasurya), who is roaming in the city of Trivandrum through an auto rickshaw. He called city police commissionaire (Sethu) and informs that a bomb has been placed in a nearby school and it will explode in some time. With active patrol, police found out the bomb from bag of a fellow student. Then again, the stranger calls commissionaire and raises another bomb threat, which however proved to be a fake one. Somehow, the police were successful in tracing out the photo of the stranger with the help of the above said auto rickshaw driver. With lookout notice placed on throughout the city of Trivandrum, how does he succeed in getting out of being caught?

What are the stranger’s intentions..? With the same man coming in to explain for what he had done so far, how does the police force and the public reacts are the remaining portions of the movie “Thank You”. You are definitely supposed to feel similarity with some movies in a huge margin. With a popular movie “Unnaipol Oruvan” had released in Tamil a couple of years earlier, don’t need to check further for a reference. And then how are you supposed to reach in a conclusion here. Well, don’t get shocked.., this movie obviously has no connections with other movies apart from the structure it has been made. While many such stories have been told and retold thousands of times before, “Thank You” has opted out to move in a slightly different path.

Apart from being an investigation thriller, this movie really has posed some serious questions against our existing system. With social evil news such as child abuse and molestation coming out on a regular basis, don’t you feel it to have a change…? Well, obviously if you are a man who does not belong to the group of criminals, there are every possible chances for wanting to be a rebel. The case here is of no difference. As the clock ticked to complete the first half, you will reach in a conclusion, for which the second half gives you a perfect coating. A slightly paranoid idea, but it does work well in the movie. But, unfortunately the oft repeated scenes really made it noisy at several times.

After a certain period, the movie quite deliberately or not was moving in an automated manner. The jerking that one could felt after seeing the progress in the second part, that is when the main revelation took happened, don’t you feel it pathetic…? It is heartrending to see how the happiness of a family was defaced by the tragedy. But, it took the whole video cassettes to make you understand of what happened. Then too, the movie “Thank You” was such that it tried to evoke a certain kind of apathy towards the leading characters. How our system protects the criminals, and how a common man reacts to it is the view that this movie offered to you.


Though not being a hero – centric movie, “Thank You” provides you some enjoyable moments from the lead cast. While Jayasurya performed to the needs of the character, it is notable to see strikingly similarity between his “Cocktail” performance. Honey Rose too acted well, even though she doesn’t have that much screen space to occupy. The same applies to Tini Tom and Saiju Kurup. But, what makes you interesting is the performance of Sethu. The actor who stunned us through “Mynaa” has once again did a justifying job, nah..! An outstanding job, I should say. He really has announced his coming to Malayalam movie industry.

Technical aspects:

However, this is a VK Prakash movie. So, it should have its goodness in technical aspects. Like all of his previous movies, this one too excelled in this department. The total environment of a mystery was sound perfect. Cinematography by Arvind Krishna too excelled and provided the much needed mood to the movie.

Baring some of the repeating scenes, the editing table too did a convincing job. And these kind of co operation from the technical side was the reason behind the success of this movie, nevertheless was telling an oft – repeated story.


All over a good feel, that was this department provided. Instead of making it too noisy, BG score did well above average and saved it from being catastrophic.

Script: Arun Lal, who was the man behind “10:30 AM Local call” once again proved his liking towards this genre of movies. Some of the mistakes that bulged out at occasions are bearable. With less dialogue and more actions, he packed the movie with a fresh feel.


Direction looked okay, considering that this is the man who brought the movie “Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla” earlier this year. A kind of tiresomeness was the task in completing the movie in a limited amount of time, which was done superbly him VKP. Despite having a perfect chance of being over melodramatic, director tried to pitch to the needs, which is why the movie took a firm stand.


Somehow, we are living in a time, where a lot of news about human trafficking and abuses found headlines of news papers. And may this movie once again remind all the families of the pits ahead.


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