Sreesanth Wedding : Marriage

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Indian cricketer sreesanth Wedding Marriage News and Photos

According latest buzz,After Zaheer Khan, another bachelor from Indian cricket team, Sreesanth is planning to get married soon.

Last days, reports from Mumbai says that Cricketer Sreesanth is going to wed with Bollywood actress Riya Sen, Riya is also the brand ambassador of the Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

But today, Sreesanth has denied the rumour of his affair with Riya Sen and has agreed for an arranged marriage.Sreesanth says to DNA Newspaper,

‘You know how conservative South Indian families are. They don’t want me to wait too long and stay single. My parents keep pressurising me about wedding, so I thought that it’s best to just give in than fight it’ .

And he added that ‘I am not seeing Riya Sen. There is no romance between us. We have hung around together and I enjoy her company, but only as a friend ‘.

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Report By : Nidheesh RN
Indian Webcasting Network [IWN]
Published: Time : 11:31 P.M /April 19, 2011

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  1. Me,a poor unlucky,bangladeshi girl,who am a great fan of Sreesanth,will never see him in my own eyes.Oh God!Alas!and Love to Sree.May God always be with you.please perform best than any other.Plz Sreesanth!PLZ…

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