Singaravelan Malayalam Movie Review

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singaravelan malayalam movie03Singaravelan Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: Jaisan Elamkulam.

Director: Jose Thomas.

Starring: Dileep, Lal, Vedhika, Shajon, Babu Namboodiri.

Cinematography: Shaji.

Music: Berny Ignatius.

Screenplay: Sibi K Thomas & Udayakrishna.


Like all the other similar kind movies, the story of “Sringaravelan” too takes place in a lushly greenish village called Kuthampully – a village of weavers. And there, Mr. Ayyappan, (Babu Namboodiri), who is a famous weaver, has a son Kannan (Dileep). Kannan who has studied fashion designing so far has not opted to go for any job. Kannan, like his friend Vasu (Kalabhavan Shajon) and many other fellows longs to become a rich man overnight that too without much hassles.

One fine day, he accidentally met Yesudas aka Yesu (Lal). The man who works as a quotation gang member befriended with Kannan and together they plan the ways to become rich overnight. As per the plans they went to the city to meet and flirt rich girls but which ended without any result. Somehow, Kannan reached Kottakkal Kovilakam in order to deliver one of his father’s works. He then again accidentally met and fell in love a beautiful girl Radhu (Vedhika) instantly. But, there were some unknown truths behind the girl and her father DGP. Will Kannan be able to win the hearts of the ones there is the rest of the story. Also you can expect some underworld goon coming to try their luck in front of the hero and heroine.

Thus, the movie “Sringaravelan” provides you a story that is weaved with all the particular ingredients that is usually associated with a Dileep movie. The introduction dialogue of Dileep itself is as follows – “May this trade be a successful one”. These dialogues are enough to make you aware that you are being thrown into a lavishly made movie for a festival season that aims mainly the family audiences.

While what comes to your mind watching “Sringaravelan” is a kind of nostalgic memories associated with old films, especially with that of some Dileep and Jayaram movies. Without pointing out those strikingly similar plot structure with movies such as “Udayapuram Sultan”, “Pattabhishekam”, “Dilliwala Rajakumaran” and to name a few, the journey to review “Sringaravelan” will not end. There are many scenes too in the movie such as the hero entering the room of heroine by mistake, which have been repeated a thousand times in Malayalam cinema.

With this is the case with the plot of the movie, one should also note the particular genre of the movie too. Touted as a mass entertainer, the movie had all the ingredients such as family drama, sentiments, love and more than everything humor. Well, this has been the trick of Dileep for the past some years now. As a festival movie starring Dileep, “Sringaravelan” has done complete justice to what it was intended to do. With a perfect blend of the above said ingredients covered with some striking performances from the cast made this movie a watchable one. Even though the loose ends are aplenty, probably this would be the reason for which movie sustained a homogenous time of nearly two hours and forty minutes.

Some instances and dialogues clearly pictured out the off – screen feelings of the star. In one such a dialogue, he clearly has lashed out at the advertisement taglines of one of the actor’s earlier brand.


Dileep once again has dominated at the areas where he has been ruling for the past some years. His counter dialogues with and against Lal and Shajon offered a pleasing experience. Even though not out from yet, the mockery seemed to have lessened in his acting. Anyway a typical Dileep act.

Newcomer Vedhika, as usual had nothing to do in particular. She more or less has been there as an eye candy object, but didn’t forget to glimpse some good moments as well. Then here comes two people who really have made most parts watchable. Lal and Shajon assisted Dileep in comic instances. Also the trio have shown some good chemistry between them on the screen. Others such as Nedumudi Venu, Babu Namboodiri did usual works.

For Joy Thomas, the man seems to have started showing interest in acting in masala cinemas now.

Technical Aspects:

Nothing in particular. Visually the movie was really colorful. With costly sets and a not so bad cinematography work, “Sringaravelan” did a decent job.


The song composed by Nadirsha wasn’t that much a good one as was supposed to be. The melodies were…,. just Okay.


As said earlier, the story and script was wafer – thin. But, the script of the movie had enormous similarities with the many other movies. At least the writers could have shown some more creativity in the process.


Jose Thomas as expected continued his “Mayamohini” way of narration. The instances were to an extent weaved by him nicely. But, the loose ends remained unsolved. But, you can’t expect more from this kind of movies.

Verdict: Could be a time for joy for the producer.

Rating: 2.25.

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