Silence Malayalam Movie Review

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Producer: Afseena Saleem.


Director: VK Prakash.


Screenplay: YV Rajesh.


Cinematography: Manoj Kumar.


Cast: Mammootty, Pallavi, Anoop Menon, Joy Mathew, Basil.



VK Prakash directed ‘Silence’ starring Mammootty is an imprudent attempt to narrate a crime thriller that offers a volley of mishandled situations and leaves question marks before you.


Movie shows you Mr. Aravind Chandrasekhar (Mammootty), who is going through the peak time of his professional life as an exuberant advocate in Karnataka high court. While stepping into the feat of the youngest judge of high courts in India, Aravind is bounded with lots of congratulations as well as envious people. One such is Mr. Marcos (Joy Mathew), who too is an aspirant for the post of judge. Well on the other hand, Aravind right now is enjoying a vacation time with his wife Sangeetha (Pallavi) and two kids, till a phone call with a mischievous message intrudes into his world.


All on a sudden, cards started rolling out of favor for Aravind as he goes through a traumatic experience and that too from an unknown person. Teaming up with his friend Neil George (Anoop Menon) – an IPS officer, Aravind sets target on the unmapped opponent, only to know that his family too is being added to the target list by them. An undeterred Aravind, on his way to search out the deeds and deeder, decipher out some unknown truths.


“VK Prakash directed movie has done maximum justice to the situations and plot construction”; somehow, I am unable to utter these words. Maybe due to the repeated narration pattern and the lacking hysterical storyline, ‘Silence’ never managed to break out the shell. The adhesive kingpin characters entering into a state of unknowingness in a mission to extrude uncouth ones were been in popular stories & fables, and cinema is not different by an inch. Even the last project from the director dealt a similar plot, with minor changes such as swapping the hero from antagonist to protagonist (which indeed has owed a lot from many other popular movies). In a slightly different get up, we can see our leading hero chasing down each struggles lying ahead of him with the help of his trusted buddy police officer here.


By the characteristics, we can easily recognize the proceedings after the initial havoc. By introducing the whole package in a tricky (or rather effortless) way such as showing the prosperous background of the hero along with the societal status he volunteers, we are slowly been shown the other side of the story. And the makers desperately want us to believe that it is his prone peers trying to desolate him. Well, even if you believe all those overtly communicative faces, the way things got zeroed in by the hero still spewed questions that are time consuming to decipher out. The first half of the movie showcased Mr. Aravindan trudging through each and every possible as well as impossible ways, but without involving the audience’s feelings or mind.


This happens at most time, when someone tries to bring out something extraordinary from ordinary things. Movie however tried to engage the viewers with not – so bad treatment given to the plot. Without pouring any heavy dosage graphics works, and mostly relying on the scenic locations, ‘Silence’ tried some unsuccessful attempts to bring back the movie to a stable state. But, that deserves special mention and kept the word a typical VKP lively.



Mammootty as an actor is highly impossible to decipher out. Remaining with this much charm and almost the same looks is impossible on the papers. But, this man has the habit of changing the norms according to him. And in this silently playing ‘Silence’, he has appeared with some grey here and there in his hair follies. But, unfortunately, the role remains far from impressive or as powerful as the ones which he had enacted over the years. There is nothing new for him to offer from this movie and more or less remained as Mammootty on the screen. But, taking into account his usual mannerism and intriguing act, one can safely assure a better than industry standard performance from this thespian here.


Pallavi enunciated her part with her abilities and didn’t produce any masterpiece works as her role wasn’t entitled with such a gift. Anoop Menon has mastered this type role with coagulated dialogue delivery over the years. Nothing in particular from Joy Mathew, Basil, Aparna Nair and others….!

Technical aspects: 

This wasn’t bad at all and often tried to make a sculpture out from slob. Cinematographically, movie was on par with standards and delightfully brought out the visually dazzling locations and some interestingly executed chase scenes as well.

Also, movie is not running for more than two hours, which itself has unpacked burdens. And the dark mood’s involvement in the process is similar with that of VKP’s ‘Thank You’.


Ratheesh Vega has given nothing new in this time too. His BGM was better than the compositions, but not the best by any standards.



Weakly scripted, ‘Silence’ had the slightest chances of survival with oft – repeated story line and a derailing characterization. Not at all a good sign for any project….!



VKP might have crossed the hurdle set by the dyslexic script, but never managed to reach any level of satisfaction from the part of movie goers. Apart from some interestingly construing moments and sequences, director produced no magic this time too.


Verdict: No need to call in trumpets; king is yet to win the battle.



Rating: 2.5

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