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ReporteR Channel Logo

ReporteR Channel Logo

ReporteR Channel Logo

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  • ReporteR Channel Logo

10 thoughts on “ReporteR Channel Logo

  1. Mr.Nikesh,
    We are expecting more from you.As the starter of many new ideas and as fearless Reporter,I hope you will fight for the common social problems.I alsohope that you will start programme like that of letters to theeditor in the news paper and further follup in issues of much importance.Wish all the best

  2. We are heartly welcomes to ‘ReporteR’ Channel to kerala.And we hopes extra ordinary news includes on this. Some suggestions are listed below,

    1. Apperence contrast is high.(Picture clarity is low)
    2. Breaking news tab & font size is too small. Suggesting to crop on screen width.
    3. Background music volume is low. Suggestiong to little increese.

    Further comment & suggestion incorporate on later.

    ” Best wishes for your channel ”

    We hope somethings from your contribution. Wish u good luck…

    A Well wisher..
    Sarath Dev S

  3. eniku parayanulathe visual qualitiye pattiyane .. Total colour tone satanderdane. But HD work ayathukondo mato cövert cheyyumbolulla problamano Tv yil flickering undakunude . But totaly gud . Tnx

  4. dear Nikesh,
    wishing u all the best……….would u mind 2 tell us how would v get the live streaming of reporter tv on line ? i’m one of yr greate i realy like 2 watch u on prime time news and hope u will start again the Mukamuka with a new face?
    thank you

  5. Oru amma ye sahayakkumo? Aa amma ku sahayathinu arum ella husband pollu makhalude thadakalil anu pls help me pls issue your phone number

  6. Hello
    I am living in U S A North Carolina , I would like to ask you that how to send local news to Reporter Tv ?

    How to become a Rep. Reporter TV in U S A?

    Waiting for yor Reply

    Babu Kuttiath

  7. dear mr. nikesh,

    a very decent, remarkable, brilliant and beautiful logo.

    wishing you all best.

    in delhi, we are not getting reporter channel through sun direct. eagerly waiting to watch….. kindly do the needfull…
    we are missing you on channel……………

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