Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum Review

pullipulikalum aattinkuttiyum 03Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum Review
Directed by Lal Jose
Produced by Zulfi Hasis,Shebin Backer
Written by M. Sindhuraj
Starring Kunchako Boban,Namitha Pramod
Music by Vidyasagar
Cinematography S. Kumar
Some movies are like a dream. It will take you to gorgeous places, filled with equally gorgeous people. Since Malayalies likes to travel to those no man’s lands, we see filmmakers cashing out from it. And Lal Jose of course is a front – runner of this track.

The movie “Pullippulikalum Aattinkuttiym” tells the story of four brothers belonging to Chakkoth family. Madhavi (KPAC Lalitha) has been gifted with four sons of right proportion in height and weight; three in fact. ‘Aatu Gopan’ (Kunchacko Boban), the youngest among them is comparatively smaller in size, but bears the responsibility of feeding his mother and his three Chakka brothers (Irshad, Shiju, Joju). While Gopan runs a houseboat in the scenic water inlands of Alappuzha, he also has to fear the fists of people, who got beaten by his brothers, who lead life lavishly the way they like. Gopan, a hardworking lad is not like by Kavalakkal Kuriyachan (Shammi Thilakan), who also runs a similar houseboat service and is also an aspiring politician.

During somewhere Gopan met Kainakari Jayashree (Namitha Pramod). A trained dancer, Jayashree then onwards comes in for dancing in front of the foreigners in the houseboat of Gopan. Slowly they develop a bond between them, though her mother Kainakari Revamma (Bindu Panikkar) doesn’t like it all. Also, Gopan happens to get rivalry with Kuriyachan, whose life eventually turned around 180 degree due to Gopan. Apart from these problems, Gopan has also a hurdle to jum – that of settling down his Ckackka brother’s lives.

As far as movie is concerned, Lal Jose has placed some well – known characters in the movie. He then connected them together using the much famed formula of Malayalam cinema. Movie has abundant scope for laughing out in the form of two characters played by Harishree Ashokan and Suraj Venjarammood. While the former is a cook of Gopan’s houseboat, the latter runs a travel cum all round agency. Since being a movie set in the norms of a typical Kerala village, it has a small bazaar there, and of course a teas shop, where the people of gathers often. And not to miss the toddy shop, which is the favourite outing of Gopan’s Ckakka brothers.

It definitely remembers some of the Dileep movies, which includes the ones wielded by this same director. Movie that was flowing without any particular point of direction presented us one of the most predictable interval twists. But, luckily the life of that twist didn’t boasted any longer run. The characters too were depicted as stereo – typed ones. Whether it is our hero, or the main villain, or the supporting artists, their duty was probably just watching those oft – telecasted yesteryear similar movies. Hero is a hardworking young man, sacrificing his life for the sake of the well being of his family. You can see him saying to heroine that he is willing to wait long years for her. You don’t mind seeing him beaten up initially, but hitting back towards the end; do you…..? While all the supporting members of the movie strongly backs our hero, the case of villain once again ended up in a hopeless state. Each of his plans to trap our hero goes in vain, and somewhere down the line he was supposed to have distracted the life of hero and to an extend that of heroine’s too. But, our hero, who has every reason to threaten the local police SI in the name of a mobile phone finally struck gold and combats the villain and through him to the hands of people.

Stealing the life of one of the notable characters towards the end still boost the movie further according to the makers. But, one thing for sure is that you have some harmless jokes out there.

Performances: Like said earlier, the members of the cast were situated in a well – mould frame according to the norms of Malayalam cinema. The lead pair Kunckacko Boban and Namitha Pramod played good enough, that the former was successful in comic situations and the latter in emotional scenes.

Among the supporting cast, the three Ckakka brothers (Irshad, Shiju, Joju) played their parts predominantly well. But, who really stole the show was the duo Harishree Askokan – Suranj Venjarammood. Both never crossed the limits and provided timely one liners and actions with elegance. Shammi Thilakan’s villain avatar boasts nothing is special.

Technical aspects:  The movie has superb visuals and indeed some pleasurable shots. While the makeup of Kunchacko Boban looked awkward initially, it was funny. The rest were all followed those typical moments from similar movies from the past.

Music: While the comic song made us enjoy it thorough, the rest weren’t that much impressive. What is more…, not only the structure but also the tunes of the songs too looked familiar many at a time.

Script: Movie actually doesn’t have a proper script. After introducing the characters, movie had nothing in story wise apart from some funny moments. It is not an emphatically illogical script, but rather I would call it as an effortless, unimpressive one.

Direction: This director has almost saved the movie which was dribbling with a poor script. But, at last what remained is still an old wine again in an old bottle. He once again has given the audience the vomited versions of many movies, probably with similarities with “Meesha Madhavan” and to name a few.

Verdict: Is there anything to say more…?

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