Prithviraj and Supriya Menon in Dubai – Photos,News

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3rd Asia Vision Television Awards 2011 was held at the Al Nasr Leisureland in Dubai on May 6th.The Newly wed couple Prithviraj and Supriya Menon are the chief guests at the function.The function was attended many famous faces from the Malayalam film industry, like Lakshmi Nair, MG Sreekumar, Sarath, Swetha Mohan,Mallika Sukumaran, Sujitha etc and show was hosted by Ranjini Haridas.

Report By : Nidheesh RN
Indian Webcasting Network [IWN]
Published: Time : 4:25 P.M /May 8, 201

22 thoughts on “Prithviraj and Supriya Menon in Dubai – Photos,News

  1. She is not that much beautiful.Nobody will say VOw beautiful……………….lucky girl,nt lucky boy

  2. prithvietta supriyachechiye kanan valare bhangiyund. ariyikathe vachathil sangadamundu.anyway best of luck.

  3. prithvi i am so sad because you had married an ugly girlshe is not at all beautiful she is older than u shit bloody girl stupid?

  4. This dress is not matching her.Tell her to wear Saree or Churidar like Poornima Indrajith.Poornima is very beautiful.

  5. from reading all this comments i felt everone is jealous of supriya menon…rite??? why ppl are like this….let them to live together…this jealousy dialogues reminds me the proverb….kittatha munthiri pullikkum……

  6. Compare to poornima supriya is gudlookng..but i didnt like her way of approach to the medias..felt like a “jaada case”.

      • hey u girls y u r after that poor lady supriya.she is talented and prithviraj found her beautiful …thats it…dont u girls have better work

  7. Prithvi and supriya looks awesome. Supriya is beauty with brains. She can pull off any dress that she wears- both traditional and modern. P& S are made for each other.

    Now, to the girls, who think otherwise- ok, we understand, Grapes are sour.. Agreed 100%

  8. Pritviraj married an LKG student……ayye… shame…. even she dont know to keep her dress code…. what a journalst ..she is………………..
    when facing public should waare of the media in front of u..

  9. Pritviraj is a handsome superstar but it does not mean dat he should marry a girl as beautiful as filmstar. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.Truly it is not the looks but the attitude that counts in married life.Beauty
    will not assure peace in your life.supriya is beautiful in her own ways.Let us be polite in not commenting on the likes and dislikes of people around us.Best wishes!

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