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Trivandrum : Finally the young Malayalam super star Prithviraj is getting ready to marry a Mumbai based television journalist.

According to the latest buzz,the super star has fallen in love with B.B.C World Mumbai news journalist.He met her more than a year back when she was reporting for B.B.C World about south cinema.Rumours says that every weekend Prithviraj used to fly in to Mumbai to meet her.

A source closed to Mallika Sukumaran, Prithviraj’s mother has given green signal for the wedding.Sources also reveal that the actor will have a very private wedding in April 2011 after the release of his most awaited film ‘Urumi’.After marriage he is also planning a grand reception in his home town of Thiruvananthapuram for film industry and his fans.

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By : Nidheesh RN
Published: March 11, 2011

297 thoughts on “Prithviraj Marriage Photos,Prithviraj Wedding pictures

  1. hai prithvi adutha janmathilnayi njan wait cheyam to.prithvi sathyamano marry cheyukaya.snehichathu kittiyal atthu success,kittilenenu arinitum snehikunathu love.i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. sad aayi poyi…othiri sad aayi poyi…i am head over heels in love with you… =( was looking for ways to get in contact with you… =(

  3. actually its so confusing?because in ‘vanitha’he cleared that its a fake news,and also he apologised to the journalist.Then now the media says that he is marrying that lady itself.Is this all true?.The real thing he have to do is, he should come forward and clear everybody, that whetherthis is true/false .If this a real news its glad to hear.But one thing that I don’t under stand is why these film actors hide these kind of matters?.

  4. Ennalum “Vanithayil” anganoke report koduthit ipo aa news reprterne vivaham kazhichu enn parayumpo elareym fool akiyath pole alle….

  5. hey…. penpillere….. prithviraj avasana vaakalla….
    njaghal anpiller verem undu….. not like him,we wont say cut or pack up in between…..

  6. ayyoo…………………….ethilum bedham avan poyi marikkunnatha……………….she is looking like his grand ma

  7. raju, epolenkilum ne kettiyallo…eni bakki penpillerku maryadakku nadakkam….grls….dnt wori he is not a gud person…live with a person who loves you……

  8. onnukil vanitha z fake allel prithvi z fake……alla y theze filmstars doing these cheap things…ennalum makane nenakku vere aarem kittiyille…. 3 crore population ulla keralathil nenakku vere aarem kittiyilla…huh..nente ammommayude polundu kanan…allelum buddiyulla ponman kinattilalle muttayidu….he he he

  9. Prithvi u slipped out of your word….
    we always expect that u will tell truth to us..but u have already cleared on vanitha, it is just a rumour…atleast that time u should have told us …..we all want you to get partner as u wish…but as keen viewer of u we expect more from us…u should have told abt ur marriage….really feeling bad……:(

  10. Prithvi u slipped out of your word….
    we always expect that u will tell truth to us..but u have already cleared on vanitha, it is just a rumour…atleast that time u should have told us …..we all want you to get partner as u wish…but as a keen viewer of u we expect more from u…u should have told abt ur marriage to us….really feeling bad……:(
    VA:F [1.9.7_1111]

  11. prithviraj is a humanbeing not a kamadevan,hey girls gettingout from dreams and use your best qualities for the benefit of our nation

  12. huyyoooooooooooooo.enta ee kelkune.Are u blind prithvi.Jeevitham onne ullu.athu ingane nashipikarutu.Ellam ini daivathinte kaikalil.


  14. ente rajukutta.. enthinada kallam paranjathu… ente hridayam nee vedanipichu… hope u have chosen some1 good.. atleast beautiful in heart… al the best..

  15. From his Vanitha interview itself we are sure how big a liar he is. even in his previous interviews when he spoke like an intelligent masterpiece i thought he is faking and yes its true.. he is a bloody liar and fake.Neways marriage is his personal matter and for his marriage i wish him all the best but wht he did is wrong by lieing to all his fans..

  16. pridvi…R u blind…she is not match for u…dont u look at her face…pls tell her to put a teeth clip…what a bad selection of yours…felt ashamed of you..

  17. oh pinne…naatil evideyum vere aanpiller illatha pole…avanod poyi pani nokan para.. Enthayalum aa penninte oru thalavidhi…avante ahankaram ket ket aval chathupokathe irunnal mathiyayirunnu daivame… Pandum innum ennum ..enik pritviraj nte ishtamalla..just bcoz of his headweight.. Manushyanmaar aayal aadyam vendath humbleness aanu..ath avante 7 ayalathukoode polum poyitilla.. Mm.. TC Supriya..daivam ninne rakshikatte..amen.

  18. Hi Raju,
    Wish you and Supriya all the very best in Life!
    May God bless you guys and may you all live as a Happy Family… forever!
    Show the world you are a made for each other couple! Good luck!

  19. hi RAJ ur lucky.ennuvachu njan lucky ennalla eni thante lifeanu sherikumulla life.wife orupartum cinimalife veroru partum aakaruthu mattullavar cheyunnathupole.wish u a happy married life.

  20. Hi,prithwi once upal happy married life..annalum ethrakum vendayirunnu onnukudi onnalogichit porayirunno..its very hurty u prithwi..

    • others should bother coz he is a wellknown actor who has lakhs of fans.he has a commitment to be sincere to them for his survival in such a field.its not the matter of his marriage,anyway nobody thinks he will be a bachelor throughout his life.he could be frank before…………………

  21. Prithvi nee truth frank aayi parayunna aal anennu njangal vicharichu. Vanitha interviewil angane oral undennu polum ariyillarunnu enne parayandayirunnu. Ninake onnum parayathirikamayirunu kallam parayaruthe ayirunnu. Sarikum ninnilulla viswasam poyi. Any way wisi u a happy married life

  22. oh shit!she is not pretty,may b u found sumthing good in her:)but she has no malayalee charm..luks like ur elder sister…meera nandan suited u much better..u could have atleast married tht fatty kavya or prandhi meera jasmine..they would have got a life..anyways lets c wht happens in ur life aftr this..ur elder brother has brains..he married a pretty woman..and look at u..pah!

  23. Prithvi, u r doing good to escape from the crowd.i wish u a gud married life.enjoy ur self.may god bless u both.:-P
    bt im little sad.

  24. ente raju.njan satyam paranjal ee news kettu shock ayy.iyyal ithu oru gossip aanu annu paranjappol aswasamayi. etaandu oru 90% aradikamar rajune kalannu kanum.balance 10%. athil oral njanum raju ney support cheyyunna oru viewer ayirikkum.wish you a happy married life.

  25. da nintey kalyanam kazhinnathe oru aswasamayi.ente oru sister net on akkiyal epporum ninte marraige details nokkala joli.athene oru valiya thanksssssssssssssssss.eney kure aradikamarkku nee rest cheyyan samayam kodukkukayanu.divorce udaney undakathirikkan prarthikkam.

  26. r u mad prithvi to choose this girl as ur wife.prithvi is a big lier and became a cheat now he acted as if this matter is a rumour wen it came in media how can u act like dis yaar.and there is no need of putting so much scene dis much for marrying her

    • prihuu nee avaly kalyanam kazichathu nannnayiii evalmary anu kazichathankil neee stupid +
      stupid ayanay


    You know in my class everyone is to call me prithviraj , I am studing in sharjah , in 7TH standard , and one more thing my every friends are un happy because of this even me , my one friend riya didnt sleep yesterday she is realy sad .I sad to every one that I am your sister anyway let it be like that .

  28. u girls r crazy….dnt degrade ur standard…
    i thnk he made a gud choice…to marry a girl who is educated..(Beauty with Brains).
    jst thnk b4 u post a comment …imagine if u r in tat situation,wat wil u feel whn som1 say bad abt u..

  29. others should bother coz he is a wellknown actor with lakhs of fans.he has a commitment to be sincere to them for his survival in such a field.its not the matter of his marriage.he could be frank before…………………

  30. I am a fan of prithvi.there for i dont think this girl is suitable to him.but she is good. All the best.

  31. Prithvi and she were in love for 4 years.i remember few lines that he said in an interview,it was MY WIFE SHOULD HAVE SOME KNOLEDGE ABOUT POLITICS. I think that time it was she in his mind .I got only one thing to tell u is plz do not become divorced as we see in film industry.enjoy every moment of ur life with ur loved ones.Any way wish u a happy married life Prithvi and ur wife. GOD BLESS ALL

  32. aa ee penpillerkkokke endhinte kadi aanu.. ee prithviraj endha vaalla mahaan aano.. verum oru actor, athyavashyam height n size okke undu ennalladhae.. most oru jaada thendi.. avante time nalladhayondu kurachu films okke cheyyan patti, datz it.. avan edhu pennine venae kettiaal aarukku ippo endha..!!!!

  33. ——————-?vivaham kazhikanamengil kazhichechum ponam oru mathiry manushyane kootharayakky “LONDA” vidaruth..jaaaaada “KASHMALAA”! ..machuuuuuuu………….but still iam ur fan .ur selection is gud anyway good luck

  34. You are one big liar….What was all that in the magazine Vanitha? Jaada maatramalla…
    You din find anyone else in this world to marry than that ugly duckling??? Noone is actually bothered about your personal life. The fact is that you could not be true to yourself or to your fans. Loser !!

  35. Dear Mr.Prithvi…

    A life without marry in youth is a big blunder. Those who were not marry in time cannot keep steady in his/her life for a long period. You have done it.
    Go ahead dear brother… Your will find out the most valuable rewards in future.
    A well wisher.

  36. good choice but height problem…but anyway i think she is good at heart…thats why he chose her…anyway best wishes…

  37. palarum asuya kondu palathum parayum, karayam akkatta,,, nalla pennine kittiyapo ,penkuttikalk vattayatha he he he
    Happy married lyf guyz. May God bless u 4evr.

  38. hai
    Ur selection is good. Beauty is not outside it’s inside the mind. I like u very much. I pray for ur gud married life. May God bless u & ur sweet wife.

  39. evaneyoke vachu padam pidickunnavane venam adyam adikan,kalla kapiri,blue bc journalistine ketiyechum vannirickunnu,eni ivannte fansineyoke pants oori kanikanam

  40. e lokathu ivan mathrame kalyanam kazhichollu,avante oru ahankaram,pathu peru kanke thali kettan kazhiyatha ivanu pinne endu will powera ullathu,jaada thendi

  41. prithvi,did u look her education?her smartness?but for u no need for an educated girl who knows about politics and all.u r a silly film star only.not an IAS officer or a doctor.for u a beautiful malayali style girl with average education is suited.

  42. entavaayirundu prithvirajinte parachil.pramichal jaati noklla,pennu malayale anonnu nokkila.eppol entaaye nair jaathiae kallil uyarna menon pennina kittiyallo.njan oru satyam parayam,first illokka enikku prithviyae ishtamayirundu but ippol i really hate you.why?i don’t know………….

    • Ammu…Prithviraj aare kettanam,ethu jathi aayirikkanam,ethu bhasha aayirikanam ennokke teerumanikkan ulla liberty and right adehathinu undu…pinne Menon ennu paranja oru jathi illa.Nair jathi thanee aanu Menon ..its just a surname..’ini ippol ammu prithvi ye hate cheythalum addeham cinema field il ninnum out onnum aakaan pokunilla…so be cool and relaxed

  43. edinu maathram enth undya evanullad…..pandu TV intrviewil paranju avan aa pennumay oru banthavumillanu ippo entha sambavchad…eda pulle ne malayalikale pottanakard keto……
    ninte peeninte karyamada ellarum alojikanad paaavam…..hi hi hi……avalkum nine pole jaaadayano…????
    dayav cheydu ningal arrum edil opinion post cheyyard malayalesss cos nammal cheyuna ooro postum avante vijayamaaaa
    soooo plssssssssssssssssssss…….!!!!!!!

  44. pls ningalarum edil comment cheydu evantoke demand kootalle…..evanara edinu matrham oru jaaada thendi….
    and supriyaaaaaaaaaaa ninte jeevitham naya naki …ha ha ha…good vera oruthanem kiteele?
    kkk and raju avale nokikoneeeeee…..and ninte brotherne kandu padik…he is so decent

  45. Hiiii Prithivi Eata……Happy Married Life…Am Saranya ……i like u so much….prithivi eatan ende brother plyaa itoo…pinnay eatande film eniki baygre ishtama….ur so cute eataa and handsome anee…eny i wish u best of luck….take care eata..byeee

  46. Dear Rajuchetta,chettante marriage kazhinju ennu newsil kettappol i was really shocked and happy.and also very much eager to see ur kandappol i became so sad.ethrayum nalla malayali penpiller undayit oru mumbai kari venamayiruno.Anyway all the best u and supriyachechi

  47. Rajuetta, supriya chechi is realy lucky 2 hav u as her husband. I vsh cheta & chechi long and happy married And vsh u both a successful carrier

  48. keralathil ithrayum pennungalundennu ippozha manasilaye…..neeyokke aaradi prithvirajine premikkan……ninneyokke make up illathe kandal kalan polum pedikkum……… ALL THE BEST SUPRIYA….eee ////// okke parayunnathu karyamakken

  49. u selected right ….. asooya kondu srishticha pennungalangane palathum parayum………. all the best….wish u happy married life……..

  50. shame on u man for building up a married life over so many lies. prithvi could have been open at least while he was asked about such a blessed matter of his life.being an actor u do have some commitments to ur fans by being sincere and true to them.dont think that the world around u r full of fools prithvi.

  51. its really a great surprise for all ur fans.becoz we have seen ur tv & magazine interviews (last week).why didn’t u mention about ur marriage?u where tooo…….. cool when talking about gossips?

  52. We the fans of basturd prithviraj feels pitty on you for lieing and hiding your marriage news.Being a actor you have a committment towards your just understand you are a actor and the fans are behind your success.Because of this reason the fans and medias willbecome against you….fool….go to hell…

  53. ne itra pottanay poyallo! u & supriya is not good pair.a bad pair.not only me my family members & all my friends told it .
    i m great fan of u but it has gone

  54. thanikku nalla match aanado………… entha glmru………….. ammummaye pole undu kaanaan………….made 4 ech othr…….. kashtam………

  55. Monae…….prithvi……u did the wrong thing.why should u hide ur marriage from fans….every interview u tld tat fans aanu entae shakthi avarudae snehamanu entae vijayayam…..ethaano thaan fansinodu kanichathu…..anyway as a humanbeing i wish u a happy married life…..sheri eniyenkilum oro karyavum interview-il alochichu parayuka……

  56. nee entoru nunayananu ? and what is that much special in ur marriage to hide this much and tell lies ? Men normally dont lie …………..Also u r a stupid man i had ever seen

  57. hello dear prithvi…chetta….

    All the best to you both! good luck and i think you two are a great couple! best wishes, Best wishes to you both, remember, there are few things in life as important as love, and nothing as important as trust. Make trust the foundation of your marriage, the cornerstones faith, love, humor, and forgiveness, and the life you build will be solid and strong.May your future be full of good health, happines, and fun……….prithive chetta…..asooya konduuu….pala pennpillarum vallathum parayumm..athu onnum kariyam akkanda kettooo…anyway ..Congradulaions for ur marriage and have a verry happy life.
    all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. enthina evanu vendi ella girls um engane marikkunath???pl dnt go bhind looks……etreyo nalla aankuttikkal undu e lokathu…….

  59. don’t worry supriya chechi
    enikku prithvi na valare ishtamayirunnu
    ennal ippozhenikkishtam supriya chechyayannu
    samvruthaye njagalk are apt for him,
    but the news was very should be a good wifeto him .tell him not to talk lies.
    wish you both a happy married life.
    from anju chinju minnu neethu nikhi

  60. selectione pati onum njan parayunila, ninte jevitam ninte istam. But, vanitayil kalam parayarudayirunu. Njangal fansine kalam paranj ne chadichu. Ne kalyanam kazhikunadil njangalk enda, sandoshame ulu. But nee. E abhinayam ne ninte cinemayil kazhcha vechirunu enkil nine theadi oscar vanene.. Nokiko ini ninak mollywoodil adhikam ayus ila. Siksha vivaham cheydadin ala . Kalam paranj njangale fool akyadin. Endoke ayiru parachil.. Malapuram kati thengakola.. Enda onum mindate.? Utaram tan kalayan time ile.? Enkil e budhi enda gosip varumbo toanate.? Vaya mudi ninirunu enkil arum nine itrayk parayilayirunu. Any way wish u hapy mard lyf.

  61. good
    enthina evanu vendi ella girls um engane marikkunath???pl dnt go bhind looks……etreyo nalla aankuttikkal undu e lokathu…….

  62. hi prithvi…….. Y shld u mrry sch a stpid jrnlst???????? i am wtng here for u….i love you very much sweet heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By prithviraj fansssssss


  63. ഫാനെന്നും പറഞ്ഞു നടക്കുന്ന പെങ്കൊച്ചുങ്ങളുടെ ഒക്കത്ത് ഓരോ കൊച്ചിനെ കൊടുത്തിട്ട് മതിയായിരുന്നു…….

  64. Ivaru parayunnathu onnum karyam aakenda ningal randalum best couples thannaya LOVE IS NOT IN FACE OR LOOKS IT IS IN THE BEAUTY OF HEART……………SHE HAS A GOOD AND SWEET HEART…HAPPY MARRIED LIFE……SNEHAPOORVAM URMILA

  65. hi raju congrats i dnt like ur wifes comment about malayalam filim industry (English)its not hoolywood its malayalam ok eni eankilum pen pillerku eee eannay villichooday i am free now da

  66. Huh..!! Hello… pritvi…thaanaaraado glamor kingo.. Don’t be so.. Oversmart ok vivaramillaatha kore.. Kezhangikale thante fansayikittiyenu paranju athupole thanne orthu senti adikanonnum njanilla chettaa.. I’m a model i hav no feelings of your marriage.. AZZzea… hu hu…oru glamorkuttan vannirikunnu huh!! pritviyekalum glamorula A lot of freak boys is loving me in my school i’m a +2 student… But enikishtamayirunn thante aah eyes(pritviraj ente comment vayichal call me oru dailog parayanund>(9656450951)

  67. Hentamme. . . . Enikkonnum vendaa e jaadakkarane.. New guys is waiting to kick you from film industry:-):) Get lost my dear

  68. Now I Hate you pritvi Bcoz I LOVE YOUuuuuuuuu..u..u.u.u.u.u.u.u.u…. Next janmam i will wait for you bye bye. . . .

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