Neram Malayalam Movie Review

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neram malayalam movie01Neram Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: Studio Winner blue films

Director: Alphones Puthren

Cast: Nivin Pauly, Nazriya, Manoj K Jayan, Lalu Alex, Simhaa

Music: Rajesh Murugeshan

Cinematography: Anand C Chandran

Screenplay: Alphones Puthren Review

“Neram” can be considered as a decent outing for youngsters, who are eager to watch a genuine ‘Rom com’ movie. While the tagline itself proclaimed nothing new in the movie, you have no rights to utter words to protest.

While Mathew (Nivin Pauly) is in utter trouble for being jobless, he has to bear more responsibilities such as paying back the money to Vatti Raja (Simhaa), looking after his sister. Much more burden landed over his shoulder as Johnykutty (Lalu Alex), father of his lover Jeena (Nazriya) turn against their affair. Since things are going in such a mood, Mathew still finds time to rejoice with his friends and Jeena. One such a day, Vatti Raja asked him to pay back the full money also setting a deadline. How Mathew tackles this situation and changes his Neram forms the rest of the story.

The thread of the story itself is enough to take your hopes in a back seat. Unfortunately the case was not at all as one would have expected. Dealing the plot in a light hearted manner, director Alphones Puthren has offered some engaging moments throughout the movie. In fact, these kinds of time pass moments occupied more time than dealing the main story. You could witness the entry of a host of characters which sometimes proved to be par with a double edged sword. What is more interesting about this movie is that, unlike many movies, the post – interval session fared better than the first half.

Makers have tried extremely well to giggle you as much as they can. Though they failed miserably at parts, some funny dialogues and some caricaturist characters have been used effectively in the movie. For instance, the one “Ookkan Tintu” (Shammi Thilakan). What on earth prompted the makers to adopt such names? Seems like they were in a mood to create something which appeals more to teenagers and kids…! But, many of them remained half baked, while they were cautious not to cross the limit. In fact this was the main reason which saved the movie on the whole. Adding everything such as action, romance, comedy and little bit of sentiments, the makers behind “Neram” could provide you some time that is only meant for harmless jokes.


Performance wise, both Nivin and Nazriya did their jobs without much problem. Nazriya was given a lesser time span on the screen, but was effective in those sentimental scenes. But, her rather much younger physical appearance might not have done justice to the role which demanded a matured girl with a job. Nivin tried to add much more masala to his “Vinod act” of “Thattathin Marayathu”.

But, none of them or the villain was the show stealer. It was Shammi Thilakan who eventually emerged as the champion. With a rather funny character “Ookken Tintu”, he astonished everyone with his comedy timing. The next position would obviously be deserved for Manoj K Jayan. With those Ray band glasses, he too was able to make you laugh within the given time.

Technical departments:

The cinematographic works stood well with the mood of the movie. On the whole, “Neram” have tried to bring out some freshness to the environment. Like what Vineeth did in “Thattathin Marayathu”, here too one could observe the special tint given to the whole mood with the Chennai city as the backdrop. Editing could have been better in the initial half, but managed to pick up in the second half.


Rajesh Murugeshan provided some peppy numbers. But, the BG didn’t worked well at sometimes, though was above average as a whole.


Written by Mr. Alphones Puthren himself, “Neram” boasts nothing new in it. Technical wise there are many occasions that confuse you a lot. Towards the final catastrophe, the script failed to heighten the grip over the situations. Combined with some illogical session, the script was not that much impressive.


Alphones Puthren did a neat job under the cap of director considering this is his debut venture. But, having been an experience hand in the industry, he could have chosen a better story. But, with a decent making that mainly could attract the targeted audience, that is the younger ones; we could expect more serious works from this man.

Verdict: If you are eager to enter to an entertaining session in this summer vacation, then “Neram” could provide you what you want.

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