Mumbai Police Malayalam Movie Review

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mumbai police malayalam movie01Mumbai Police Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: Nisad Haneefa.

Director: Roshan Andrrews.

Cast: Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Rahman, Aparna Nair.

Music: Gopi Sunder.

Cinematography: G. Diwakar.

Screenplay: Bobby – Sanjay. Reaview

 “Mumbai Police” deals several issues, most prominent being the value of friendship. The biggest concern of each human being will be that of us; it is a universal truth. But, when true friendship came into existence, the personal matters should wait outside. Yes, “Mumbai Police” has something valuable inside in it.

ACP Antony Moses (Prithviraj) is yet to recover from the terrible accident happened to him. He has lost the past life from him, and can’t even trace the history of the recent investigation in which he is in charge. His brother – in – law CP Farhan Aman (Rahman) is in charge to help him to regain his memory. Soon, Antony comes to know that his friend Aryan John Jacob (Jayasurya), an ACP by himself got murdered during some days prior to all these incidents. It is his case that haunts Antony and somehow, he has traced out the real culprit before the accident. But, as fate has something different in its hands, Antony is helpless at that moment of time.

Aryan, had been in the city for a while, found two friends in Antony and Farhan. He has had his own personal troubles and enemies. Even the presence of Maoist too was in active discussion table before Antony and team. From all the doubts in front, can Antony find the real man behind the murder of Aryan is the rest of the movie.

Since, it is dealing with the matters like losing of memory and regaining of it, a lot of flash back scenes can be seen in the movie. As is said by Jayasurya in the movie, “Mumbai Police” can be described as a tale of friendships. How they develop an intimate friendship and the small – small matters concerning their bonding has been depicted in detail, but without much lagging in the movie. The inclusion of humor too was vital in bringing out some racy moments before us. Even though it is a crime story, the movie deals many more matters other than the superficial cream, like that of the transgender issue, or the rivalry between two different central armed forces, and to name a few.

What could be found out in this movie throughout is the element of mystery. The making of the movie was such in a way that we could not guess who the real culprit is, and what was his intention. There could have been a better second half like dropping the scene where the character of Kunchan cantillating the pledge of policemen. But, to be honest, it created only little pique.

There aren’t many characters, but the way of narration was such that the numbers of suspicious people were aplenty. The different shades of human nature coming into action when the situation arises has been neatly presented by the writers, and indeed a racy making by director makes “Mumbai Police” a perfect thriller.


All the three lead actors appeared in supporting roles to each other. Prithviraj looked perfect at most parts. The helpless situation of a man who lost the way somewhere in the memory lanes connected well with the audience, so is his emoting scenes. You can’t see mainstream actors taking this kind of roles quite often. Jayasurya too performed the character of Aryan, who craves for good friendships and recognition without any mockery. So, is Rahman, who acted without any flaws. Somewhere all the supporting casts were connected to all the three lead characters.

Kunchan, Aparna Nair and all the rest of the cast performed according to their needs and never distracted the attention from the audience.

Technical aspects:

G. Diwakar did a pleasing job behind camera, along with the rest of the technical sides. Dubbing was good, even though some parts of those of the supporting casts could have been better.


Virtually there are no songs in this movie, but Gopi Sunder Kept the mood fulfilling by his B.G scoring. You don’t see many mainstream movies coming without songs, and an appreciable effort from the team.


The script by Bobby – Sanjay duo tried to bring out a typical thriller movie, but different from the previously attempted flicks in Malayalam. It is a matter of personal choice to call it an out of box idea. But one thing for sure is that they have many more such scripts in their hands to stun audience. Like in “Robin hood”, the acclivity of script writers’ towards the latest technological advancement was evident in “Mumbai Police” too.

May be it is the society we lives creates criminals. At the same time each human being possesses some particular ethics only when dealing with impersonal matters. But, when a personal issue arises, most of us tend to be selfish. As said earlier, other than the superficial element of a thriller, they bravely attempted many issues, transgender being one among.


Roshan Andrrews’ direction was racy most of the time, though we could find the use gallantry of the central character. Somehow, the primary aim of a crime investigation is drawing the attention of the audience towards these ultimate questions – “Who”, “Why” and “How”, which was done neatly by Roshan Andrrews.

Verdict: Movie was in a process of finding the flaws of human nature, at the same time offering a decent mystery story.



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