Mamtha And Prajith Are Going For Divorce

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The film actress Mamtha Mohandas is going for divorce. The engagement of Mamtha Mohandas and Prajith Padmanaban happened on 11-11-2011.Prajith is Mamtha’s childhood friend. He is doing business in Baharin.Their marriage was on December 28 at Kadavau resort, Kozhikode. Now they are going for divorce after their one year of married life and today is 12-12-2012. Mamtha released this news on an interview that she had given to a national newspaper. Mamtha told that she can’t adjust with her husband, that’s why they are going for a divorce and start the legal formalities soon. But Prajith or his family didn’t respond to this news yet. Mamtha also told that she will continue with film industry even after divorce. ‘My Boss’ was her recently released film.

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