Mammootty Son Dulquar Salman Marriage Photos

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Mammootty son Dulquar Salman got married with Sufia hails at Chennai.She is from a north Indian Muslim family settled in Chennai.The wedding was a private affair with media persons being barred.A private reception is expected to take place in Kochi on December 26th. We will update more pictures soon

20 thoughts on “Mammootty Son Dulquar Salman Marriage Photos

  1. She is very beautiful. Looks like an actress!! He looks average , but has height. All the best to the new couple!!

  2. vappa(mammooty) annate kalath aayad kond pidich keri.pinnid fans assosiation ath nila nirthi. mamooty look awesome because now he is stable and sefety position keeped.but dulquarinte karyathil ath pretheeshikanda. he is not charming look. prithviraj vanna idakk ulla glamourinte 7 ayalvakkath polum varilla. i think unni mukundan look awesome.he is junior prithviraj.

    • your beauty concepts are out of date..its not the case of silly faces..prithvi makes foolish gestures in most of the films..he can’t handle a little bit of comedy.his sound is boring. :D and his stardom is unstable.even tilakan chettan, the greatest actor ever the malayalam film industry has ever seen told about prithvi’s boasting and over confidenece.. “prithvirajinu ippo thanne super star aanennu thonnal okke ayi”..
      Dulqar can handle any roles, any situations..
      Prithviraj has proved as a boring face in many romantic and funny scenarios..
      Only a guy can determine how good another guy is..
      So telling from our side, the guys’ side, Dulqar looks better than prithvi.. And wait for him, for this is just the beginning.. He’ll rule the industry..
      Time will prove it..
      Considering fatherhood..
      Ikka has always excelled suku in acting as well as everything else..
      So.. Don’t compare about their parents
      All the best, guys..

      • Rahul Sam, ur way of thinking and concept about film industry and human talents r awesome.
        Definitely as u said beauty is not a matter and hope Dulquar will rule the malayalam film industry………..

  3. @divya;just shut up..he lukz gud..pinne mammooty ethu kalathu vannalum pidich kayarukayala he’l rule d industry.he alwz lukz gud..and abt prithvi avan vanapol mathramala evn nw he suckz..

  4. @divya;mammootty wud rule d box offc wchevr tym he enters d industry.he lukz awsm alwys ..nd ninte prithviyekkal enthu kondum kaanan nallath dulquar thaneya.athu ninte prithvi vanna samayath ayalum sheri alenkilum sheri..

  5. Dhivya parayunnathu kettal thonnum prithviraj lokasundharananennu..athu ningalepoleyulla kadutha saundharyaradhakarude kuzhapamanu.Oru prayam kazhiyumbol athu maarikkolum.Pinne bodhamullavar aarum prithvirajineyum dulquerineyum compare cheyyilla.Chilapol Pennungalekkal nannayi kuttam parayanariyavunnathu köndavam thanikku ayale athra ishtam.Cinema aarum kaanan chellathathìnu thante prithviraj super mega tharangalude muthukathu kayariyittu entha karyam?Ippol ulla sambadhyam kondu poyi valla businessum cheyyan parayu.Industriyil ithrayumnaal oru megastar undayirunnu,ayalude kaalashesham ulla megastarine adheham thanne undakkiyittundu.,athinu vendi samskaramilatha oru rajappanum veruthe manjukollenda.,okay?

    • Athu Corrct aanu.. Prithviraj alla ‘RAJAPPAN’.. Atha aa muthalinu pattiya peru.. Oru onangiya Kaamadevan..

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