Ladies And Gentlemen Malayalam Movie Review

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Ladies And Gentlemen Malayalam Movie01Ladies And Gentlemen Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: Antony Perumbavur, C J Roy

Director: Siddique

Cast: Mohanlal, Krish J Sathar, Meera Jasmine, Mamtha Mohandas, Padmapriya, Mithra Kuriyan

Music: Ratheesh Vega

Cinematography: Satheesh Kurup

Editing: K.R. Gowri Shanker

Script: Siddique

Ladies And Gentlemen Review

“Ladies& Gentleman” can be categorized as a movie that makes you both laugh and cry. Small wonder if this makes you cry for alienating from the works previously done by the director.

Chandrabose (Mohanlal) is a hardcore liquor lover. During one of his regular days, he happened to save a young man, Sharath (Krish.J Sathar) from committing suicide. On inquiring about his whereabouts, Chandrabose comes to know that Sharath has been debarred from his college for a period of four years. Chandrabose’s efforts to retain the lost life for the young man, leads him to meet some more people, with Sharath’s elder sister Jyothi (Padmapriya) being one of them.


Chandrabose went onto meet the college authority when he knew their foul play behind the debarring of Sharath. Sharath is in love with Anu (Mamtha Mohandas), who is the daughter of Shivashankara Menon (Ganesh Kumar). Menon using his powerful fists compelled the authorities to commit the above said decision which will decide the future of Sharath.

Chandrabose came into help the young lad and friends to make a new life. Thus, with the establishment of a new firm by Sharath and Co, the man Chandrabose is a happy one now. How in the proceedings, the four ladies and Sharath affect Chandrabose is the rest of the plot.


The movie itself is a mixture of some of popular in the past. But, what surprises you more is the way the movie has lost its control by director Siddique. The initial half an hour or something created an effect of being a typical Siddique movie with some genuine attempts from Mohanlal and Kalabhavan Shajon. But, what preceded it then was really below par of the expectations. In due course, the aura that the director has builded around him during the past years of work has faded out. Apart from the countable jokes, others don’t really bother to giggle you from heart.


As the intentions become clear, virtually every audience could guess the further proceedings even before interval. The intervention of the character of Meera Jasmine created a lot of stir in the movie. Though the makers tried to give justifications, her awkward appearance didn’t created much remarks. And moreover that, what prompted Siddique to change the behavior of the lead characters drastically in the post interval session…? Chandrabose, who seemed to be a man like an omnipotent, really turned out to be on the other side. The case with other characters too follows the path.


The real villain of the movie undoubtedly is the poorly written script. The script allowed no room for the star studded crowd to perform according to the needs. Also, this often reminds you some of the movies from the past, especially, Mohanlal’s own “Hallo” and Suresh Gopi’s “Time” in a big manner.


Performance: Other than Mohanlal, the one who really created an impact on the viewers is Kalabhavan Shajon. The man has performed extremely well during most of the scenes allocated for him. Mohanlal’s acting quite evoked you seeing his own previous alcoholic characters. Newcomer Krish Kymal, though failed at dubbing studio, hasn’t made any large problems.

On the leading female casts, Mamtha stands out from the rest, while others including Padmapriya and Mithra Kuriyan just did what they are asked to do. The role of Meera Jasmine might not create a lasting impression since her role wasn’t that much well written. Ganesh Kumar, Krishna Kumar and Manoj K. Jayan too did their parts well.


Technical Performance: Technically too the movie isn’t that much impressing considering the staggering budget behind the movie. While Satheesh Kurup’s cinematography is okay, editing table should have been much more careful. A lot of unwanted scenes and the half baked flash back scenes haunt you badly even after leaving theatres.


Music: The B.G was above average. The songs could have been avoided at most parts. Not only they are impressive, but also the picturisation too was one of the weak links.


Script: Scripted by the direct himself, “Ladies& Gentleman” largely disappoints you with its amateurish presentation. The characters are not well written and the comic scenes.., are you kidding…! This is supposed to be a Siddique movie. But, the freshness in comedy and catchy dialogues are really missing in this work.


Direction: In a poor script, Siddique has done a reasonable job. But, this isn’t the way he used to make films in the past. Since, the out of the control sessions were wielded to an extent, Siddique can take a sigh that he hasn’t completely failed in this movie.


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