Jayasurya’s Ardhanareeswaran First Look

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Ardhanareeswaran is an upcoming Malayalam film directed by debutante Reethesh ravi, who has also written the script and dialogue written by actor Anoop Menon. The film is about Mathews, who is born as a boy child, but brought up as a girl. He is forced to leave the native place after the villagers make fun of him. He reaches the land of hijadas. After meeting many people there with the identical characteristics, he decides to become one among them in the name Sandhya. Jayasurya is playing Mathews’s role in Ardhanareeswaran. According to reports actress Lena will play a important role in Ardhanareeswaran. The other cast details will be announced soon.

Madhu Ambat will handle the camera for Ardhanareeswaran and the movie is produced by Yes cinema. The movie will be shot in Humbi, Varanasi, Mysore and Bangalore. Now Jayasurya is busy shooting for the movie Vadhyar, directed by Nidheesh Shakti. Ann Augustine is playing the heroine role in Vadhyar.

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Report By : Rakhesh R
Indian Webcasting Media [IWM]
Published: Time : 10:35 P.M /August 1, 2011

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