Idukki Gold Movie Review

idukki gold thumpIdukki Gold Movie Review

Producer: M Ranjith

Director: Ashik Abu

Screenplay: Shyam Pushkaran, Dileesh Nair

Music: Bijibal

Cinematography: Shyju Khalid

Editing: V Sajan

Starring: Prathap Pothen, Raveendran, Babu Antony, Vijayaraghavan, Maniyanpilla Raju, Lal


A movie with a simple thread, that is to tell about ‘Idukki Gold’. Michel (Pratap Pothen) coming from Czechoslovakia reached Kochi at his sister’s flat. He was not in Kerala for the long 35 years. He was too nostalgic and decided to find his four best friends of school time. He made an advertisement in the newspaper to find them. First it is noticed by Ravi (Ravindran), who is still a chronic bachelor and an irresponsible person which runs an old studio that he tell himself as a photographer. He passed this message to Madan Mohan (Maniyanpilla Raju), by which they were in contact. Madan Mohan is a planter got divorce after 25 years. They have no children. Then Ravi and Madan reached Michel’s home .They got excited to see after a long 35 years. Then they started together to find out the other two persons Antony Gonzalvous (Babu Antony) and Raman (Vijayaraghavan). Antony was a Karate champion at school days. With this clue they searched him. At first they reached in the wrong place that makes a humorous situation. Finally they find out Antony from a restaurant which was run by him and his wife Andriya, a foreign lady. They had a son. Firstly Antony is not willing to go with them because his wife doesn’t allow him to go. But finally he joins them. Then they tried to find out Raman. They got the address from a place. Accidently, they saw a person like Raman in a petrol pump. They follow him. Raman is a widower. He is going to a house with his son where he likes a lady. Tomorrow is that lady’s marriage. From there both of them tried to escape. It creates a collision. But the friends come for their help.  Then they reached Raman’s house. At last the five friends unite together as per that of Michel’s wish. From there they decided to go for their school in Idukki. The rest of the movie tells about what happened to their life in Idukki.

As per the title mentioned, Idukki Gold is marijuana. The five peoples were a gang at their school days. They don’t have a gang name. They do all the bad things like drinking, smoking and further other activities too. All of them studied together and stayed in the school hostel. They got the Idukki gold stuff from a person by which the role done by Joy Mathew. That leads them to thrown out from the school.


The story is delivered in a new style. It makes uniqueness to the presentation. The story is divided into 5 lessons that are presented by mingling together the past and present in the most convenient manner.

Aashique Abu works on a simple story like that of his previous movies. The first half works excellent, but second half is in a little lagging and not much impressive. Also the climax   not sounds perfect.



The better choice of casting made the movie to be reached at an above average position. All the actors made utmost justice to their characters. Especially Ravindran done the humor sequences most perfect. It gives the movie extra mileage. The guys who done roles of the childhood also made their area excellent. Their sequences have many interesting elements to move the movie. As debutants they didn’t show any hesitation. The suspense character done by Lal also sounds well.

Technical Aspects: 

Like his previous movies cinematographer Shyju Khalid surprised the audience with his magical lens. It is the cinematography that made the exact attraction towards movie. Editing portion also made it perfect to short the movie up to two hours.


 The songs by Bijibal suites the situation and merged into the mood of the movie.


 The writers of Aashique Abu, Shyam Pushkaran and Dilish Nair write down the screenplay according to the short story by Santosh Eachikkanom. Their first half narration thrills but second half a little kills. The climax also made disappointed.


As per his previous works the captain Aashique Abu made his part so smooth. His frames and shots are beautiful. He tried his maximum to shot the screenplay.

Verdict:   Good one.

Rating: 3/5

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