Honey Bee Malayalam Movie Review

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honey bee malayalam moviehoney bee malayalam movie review
Producer: Sibi Thottupuram, Jobi Mandamattom.

Director: Jean Paul Lal.

Starring: Asif Ali, Bhavana, Baburaj, Lal, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu.

Cinematography: Albey.

Music: Deepak Dev.

Screenplay: Jean Paul Lal.

Here is an addition to the list of the oft repeated ‘New Generation’ movie genre. You will see quite a number of instances in the movie to underline the particular word. Wandering in the city of Cochin, “Honey Bee” is really meant to cater the needs of youth’s entertainment quotient.

Sebastian (Asif Ali), Fernando (Baburaj), Abu (Sreenath Bhasi), Ambros (Balu) and Angel (Bhavana) are close buddies with high expectations over their music career. Things happened in no time that Angel’s brothers headed by Michael (Lal) decided to conduct her marriage with a fellow police officer (Vijay Babu). More things happened further when the groom enquired about Angel’s affection for Sebastian, and encouraged her to talk to Sebastian. Though hesitant at first, understanding the love for each other, both Angel and Sebastian decided to jump out of the house just before her marriage date. With other three buddies decided to help them, movie started to pick the momentum.

As this is the case with this particular movie, you could expect anything to happen as it moved into the tantrum. Uncertainty, this element might be the reason for one to enjoy the movie amidst all the frustrating chaos. While there are loads of moments which packed some over the top mindless sequences and acting by the actors, don’t forget to leave those candy comedies. Junior Lal seems to have tried a lot to bring the ‘newgen’ virus by the extensive use of slow motion. And this indeed had enlarged the movie which could have been restricted under two hours with ease. Lots of unnecessary scenes, especially those running portions have been taken in order to showcase the aerobic talents of the actors rather than creating tension in the atmosphere.

One should not get wondered hearing the abundant beep sounds here and there in the movie. It is getting really tired of seeing the ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ warning along with the ‘alcohol consumption’ warning. The driving force of the movie is of course is the love for each other between the lead pair. But, you don’t see both singing and roaming around the tree in the movie. And what is more…, it is not only the newgen virus here, but some old treatment too is visible in the movie. Like that of the character Abu brushing up his memories about his mother and not to miss the whole ‘Abu’ name slip towards the end. With lots of confusions regarding the nature of the characters, “Honey Bee” really tried to pull it upwards by mixing some over the top comedies along with emotional drama.

It is a worrying fact that majority of the younger generation likes to be that of the characters in this movie. If not there might not have been more and more movies coming projecting the drinking and smoking habits of them. Only the people in the city of Cochin know what kind of dealings are undergoing in their home town.

Performances: You don’t quite see the element of acting masterpieces here, but obviously it offered some enjoyable moments lead by Baburaj and Sreenath Bhasi. Both really stole the movie with a rather elongated screen presence. Many of the instances really chalked the intention of the makers, that targeting the younger audience. Baburaj has some of the trademark characteristics of the comic character ‘Tintumon’. Crying out loudly with those bulk muscles, he really has done a neat job, if you forget those dampening moments. The same applies to Sreenath Bhasi too, who has a childish character that could evoke jokes as well as emotions.

The third one in the gang, Balu too did a compelling job. Lal did his usual job so is Suresh Krishna. The same applies to the rest of the supporting cast too. Finally coming to the lead pair, both Asif Ali and Bhavana doesn’t had that much screen presence other than providing the thread of the main story line. And both did okay performance, one should say. And what is the use of the character of Archana Kavi…? God knows….!

Technical aspects:

Like all other ‘newgen’ movies, this one too has the support of a decent technical crew. The colour tone really matched the mood of the movie, so is the cinematographic work by Alby. Editing could have been crispier that there were many of the reels should have been axed out.


Headed by Deepak Dev, this department did provided a supporting role in “Honey Bee”. The mood which it provided was that one might not remember the songs while coming out of the theatre. And no wonder, since not many songs in this era have the luck for getting hummed for some time in future.


Story doesn’t quite surprise you. But, the twists and turnings provided towards the end saved it from being typecast. At some point of time, it evoked a feeling of a comic end, and some other times a sad end. Somehow, the main part of the movie where it really scored was those punchy dialogues.


Direction – wise, Lal could hold his head without looking downwards. Jean Paul Lal, son of the veteran actor did a not so bad attempt here in storytelling. Other than those repeated running and similar sequences and not so good use of slow motion, this youngster hasn’t made any serious faults.

Verdict: All in all, it is not an out of the box movie hailing from pandora. Enjoy it if your tastes suit for this kind of movie.

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