Geethanjali Malayalam Movie review

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Geethanjali Movie 939Geethanjali Malayalam Movie review

Producer: G.P Vijayakumar

Director: Priyadarshan

Screenplay: Abhilash Nair.

Cast: Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Nishan, Keerthi Suresh, Swapna Mohan.

Cinematography: S. Thiru.
Touted as the comeback movie of the character Dr. Sunny, ‘Geethanjali’ carried the hopes of every movie buffs. And what could happen, if the burden of expectations made you to watch each of the frames with utmost care…? Yes, that is exactly what happened here too and you could guess it without much headache.
Anoop (Nishan) and Anjali (Keerthi) loves each other and resides in Mumbai. As every young lovers wishes, Anoop’s family members, to be precise Babychayan (Madhu) come to Mumbai to fast track their marriage. At the same time, as the news of Anjali’s mother’s illness reached their ears, both Anjali and Anoop decided to go to Anjali’s home, Arakkal Tharavadu – a big mansion with the nickname of ghost house. Anjali’s Mother (Seema) is in a serious coma stage. However, Babychayan decides to conduct the young lover’s marriage and take Anjali’s mother to Mumbai for better treatment. But, problems start to get in as Anjali saw the ghost of Geetha (Keerthi), her twin sister. Once she fainted down after seeing the ghost and Babychayan advised Anoop to consult her with a psychiatrist. And with the help of Nakulan (Suresh Gopi), he was introduced a psychiatrist.
As Dr. Sunny (Mohanlal) arrives with a bang, we along with him see some bad omens, which confirm the presence of ghost in the house. However, as the family members decided to conduct the marriage between Anoop and Anjali, Dr. Sunny opposes the movement. Well, what is the actual reason behind his moves is what Priyadarshan and Co has to narrate through ‘Geethanjali’.
However when it comes to the movie, we are all well aware of the fact that this particular movie is not at all a sequel to ‘Manichithrathazhu’. Well, as it could be predicted, movie has presented whole new characters and shown you an entirely different movie from that of ‘Manichithrathazhu’. Here what we are thrown into is to experience a whole new treatment from the side of director Priyadarshan as he ventured to make a horror thriller in Malayalam for the first time. In this process, the movie glimpses some strikingly similar characteristics from some other movies. However, that doesn’t mean that this particular movie has taken the elements from ‘Manichithrathazhu’. Somehow, the way the script treated has striking similarities with ‘Manichithrathazu’. You could see this clearly when the character of Dr. Sunny goes in search of the past of the patient to know the actualities behind her problems. Another instance is that of the introduction of a Christian priest to solve the problems towards the end part of the movie.
But, what remains at last is the plain reality that this movie never managed to keep the audience engaged throughout. Even though the makers were successful in creating a horror mood in theatres; that was not enough to make you from not knowing the actual truth or to which direction the movie is going to be after a particular stage. As you could see it from the movie itself, the whole first half of ‘Geethanjali’ took enough time to build up the characters and the audiences are shown the main turning point towards the interval session. And it was crystal clear from that moment onwards that something is going to happen, which however is not at all going to give you a fine enough moment at the end. And what to say about the ending of the movie…! I should say that It was really a childish move from the makers to show you such a silly climax.
Taking inspiration from some popular movies, (of which we are not mentioning here to ruin the movie watching experience of the upcoming audience of ‘Geethanjali’) makers were unsuccessful in heaping the audience with surprises or twists that adds pepper to the meal. Movie never created the kind of the enigmatic experience, which classic thrillers have provided in the past. At the same time, some childish movements too dampened the movie watching experience. If the movie doesn’t had such a star cast, then the fate of the movie would have been that of just another wash – out’s. However, that would never happen in the case of ‘Geethanjali’. Though the movie failed to utilize the star studded cast to the most, some moments were glimpsed when they appeared on the screen.


Even though movie made promotional activities proclaiming that Mohanlal plays the central character.., that is not what we have seen at theatres. While, his role was limited to that of just another normal character, it was debutant Keerthy, who performed the best out from the cast. There were many instances, which could have been made her journey a total waste of experience, but that never happened. Keerthy managed to do justice to the role given to her and has a prosperous future if groomed well. The rest of the cast, including that of Nishan too could not boast anything that could be called extra ordinary. It was just an okay performance from the cast, Siddique, Ganesh Kumar, Madhu, Seema all have performed according to the needs.
The coming back actor – Innocent managed to bring some laugh to the theatres. In fact it was because of him that the movie got some life during midway. Finally, when it comes to Mohanlal, this role was mould in such a way that it has all the characteristics of Dr. Sunny from ‘Manichithrahazhu’. Then too, something was missing from the action.

Technical Aspects:

While that of colorfulness is the characteristic of a typical Priyadarshan movie, ‘Geethanjali’ is of no different. Whether it is the set designing or that of the richness in shots, these departments were carried out with much easiness. Editing lacked the necessary perfection required for a thrilling movie and doesn’t had the flow to take you.


This department has disappointed in big time. The music of Vidhyasagar resembled many of his previous movies and interestingly, had striking similarity with that of other Priyadarshan movies.
At the same time, the BGM was successful in creating a horror mood; but, again carried similarities with many other movies.


Well, how could we define the way the writers carried out the final output…? However, they were successful in bringing out the elements from some popular movies without even changing the basic plot. This was evident in many portions and even the way story moved too could be given attributes to many older movies without a second thought.


It is quite unexpected to see this kind of execution from a director of the stature of Priyadarshan. He simply made us awestruck with many of his yesteryear movies, and this time too he made it exactly in that way. But for a change, it was for the whole lot of negativity that he excelled. Be it in carrying the wafer – thin story line or in making an impact out from that, this veteran director never sparked the charisma he once exerted

Verdict: A hopeless plot and even hopeless Dr. Sunny.

Rating: 2.0

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  1. ഇനി ഏതു സിനിമയിൽ നിന്നാണ് ഇത് മോഷ്ടിച്ചത് എന്നു മാത്റമെ അറിയാനുള്ളു,കള്ളൻമാർ എന്നും കള്ളൻമാർ തന്നെ

  2. Hi
    I really do not understand why people right such a review. I think this is fate and purposeful deliberation to destroy a movie. Today saw Geethanjali with family and kids at Trivandrum Nila theatre. The house was packed and we really enjoyed. It scared us at numerous occassion and suspense was maintained until the end. All kudos to Priyadarshan and dubutant Keerthi. Mohanlal came in late and did his part well. (But we wanted u lal sir more on screen…) Innocent who recovered from cancer and Ishan also performed well… Please watch… It is a family suspense thriller.

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