Drishyam Malayalam Movie Review

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thumb_drishyam_movie_posters-00119Drishyam Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: Antony Perumbavur

Director: Jeethu Joseph.

Screenplay: Jeethu Joseph.

Cast: Mohanlal, Meena, Asha Sharath, Siddique, Kalabhavan Shajon.

Cinematography: Sujith Vassudev

Editing by :Ayoob Khan

Music by: Anil Johnson,Vinu Thomas


‘Drishyam’ can offer a sweet experience through various moods which have pleasant and unpleasant odours and colours. At times, you would feel that movie is going to tell you yet another social melodrama mixed with family emotions. But to your surprise, and not much surprisingly, ‘Drishyam’ brought all the units under one umbrella to deploy an enchantingly reckoning storyline.

George Kutty runs a local cable network in a village. He has a beautiful wife Rani (Meena) and two angelic daughter Anju (Ansiba) and Anu (Esther). While he is leading good family life, suddenly a guy Varun (Roshan) enters his life with offering some dreadful experience from later on. His life takes a nosedive with some unexpected incidents and George Kutty tries to bring back everything to normal. However, the problems which caused due to Varun start haunting the family in a big way and law and order authorities endangered the family life of George Kutty. And how this man – boasting just primary education and a limited world exposure, block the hands of the other people is ‘Drishyam’.

And in analysing the whole movie, the most striking feature you would find out is that the movie has virtually broken all of the perceptions regarding the content. Albeit the mood it created pre – release resembles that of a family melodrama, it is not entirely right to categorize this particular one to just another overtly dramatic one. It has suspense; it has mind trekking questions inside and overall has a beautifully rendered family tie up. You have George Kutty showing some amazing talent in coding and decoding a tiresome question. However, for those who wonder seeing George Kutty exhibiting exceptional talents in designing the spider web that catches the preys without many troubles; there are some simple reasons which put forward by Jeethu Joseph that will definitely make sense.

With George Kutty loving movies and taking real life inspirations from it, you are supposed to watch a person nearby you or even you in him. That was the kind of details to the characteristics given by the makers to all the characters. Even though the length is a bit on the higher note with over two and half hours, movie won in not making you feel itchy anywhere during the whole lot process. And also the situations which made you go awry during the first half will definitely make you feel stunned during the second half of the movie. And it is this perfectly calculated connection that made the movie a fantastic thriller besides set in a lovable family atmosphere. Sequences such as George Kutty flirting with his wife Rani after getting inspirited from movies have all added glitz to the movie when considering it for catering the needs for the part of comedy. Howbeit, ‘Drishyam’ definitely edged past all other odds if any through an interesting way of narration.

Performance: Well, as the lead artist doing an exceptional job, you can’t entitle it as a ‘Mohanlal show’. He has managed to giggle you, disturb you and moreover intensify you through his amazingly crafted expressions. He is not alone in the cast. Be it Meena as, who creates a perfect family atmosphere along with Mohanlal in the movie, or the two girls – Ansiba and Esther have made their parts exceedingly well.

Kalabhavan Shajon, well has surprised you with a possible image makeover performance and in this negative tinted character, he definitely deserves some valuable applauses. Asha Sharath, Siddique and Roshan have essayed their characters without any troubles as well.

Technical aspects: The cinematographic department has made the title an apt one for the movie by all means. Enriching the shots with beautiful sceneries and filling the thrilling mood in the contour, camera works of ‘Drishyam’ were of superior quality. Editing too never ruined your entertainment quotient, even though the running time is quite a bit.

Music: The two songs provided an okay experience. There was nothing to describe them as exceedingly renderable ones. But, the BGM was outstanding and did endeared the process of thrilling.

Script: The script has scribbled some interesting piece of work here in this movie. Without any thunderous twists and turnings, movie managed to keep you thrilled throughout and the credit goes to the details given to the characterization and the narration pattern adopted.

Direction: Written by Jeethu Joseph himself, the movie has worked magic when he becomes able to recreate the stiffness of the script on the screen as well. This one definitely has only heightened his rank in the order and yet another movie to make Jeethu proud.

Verdict: Perfect outing for all ages.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

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