Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus Review

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daivathinte swantham cleetusDaivathinte Swantham Cleetus Review

Producer: Faisal Aleppy.

Director: Marthandan.

Starring: Mammootty, Siddique, Honey Rose, Kailash.

Cinematography: Pradeep Nair.

Music: Bijipal.

Screenplay: Benny P Nayarambalam.


“Daivathinte Swantham Cletus” though seemed to be set in a refreshing backdrop, still fills the same old wine in the bottle.

During a festival season, Father Sunny Vadakkumthala (Siddique) decided to organize a different type of drama contrary to the earlier assumptions of “Vadakkumthala theatres”. He along with his brother Raphel (P Balachandran), the permanent script writer and owner of the drama troupe decided to select a story related to Jesus Christ. But, it was the unavailability of an apt artist to portray the central character, that of Jesus Christ which they faced upon then. Once, in a usual walk to find out an artist, they found Cletus – a man with a god like physique and face. After initial reluctance, Cletus decided to go on with the plan. Everybody praised the Cletus for his lookalike with Jesus Christ.

But, it was only then that they knew the real characteristic of Cletus – a dreaded goon. Problems start to pop up then as he created problems for the troupe in regular intervals. Also he was found suspiciously interested in a beautiful woman (Honey Rose) in the village. From there onwards, movie takes a deviation as it goes in search of the past characteristic of Cletus, at the same time tries to solve all the problems related to drama.

So as far as the execution of a weak plot by a debutant director, but with tons of experience, what could you expect from “Daivathinte Swantham Cletus”….? Even if you kept your expectations low, the chances are little to get impressed. That was the actual condition of this movie starring an actor like Mammootty in the lead role. Once you are introduced with the main characters and story, then the same formulaic state of affairs continues. Like all other scripts written by Benny P Nayarambalam, this movie too journeys to find the past of a mysterious character. Here it was through the perspective of Cletus, with which the movie proceeds.

At the same time some timely one liner dialogues never created any disgusting feeling and were received with heartily laughs by audiences. Also, all the characters including that of Cletus were given some comic instances. For instance, the naming process of Raphel’s drama – “Kattupanni” and subsequent dialogues occurring between him and the character of Suraj Venjarammood deserves special mention. To an extent it was this kind of hilarious scenes which occupied major portions of watchable parts of the movie.

But, this doesn’t safeguard the movie from without bothering us at regular intervals to look at our watches. A kind of predictability was there throughout in the movie, that you could almost expect what is going to happen next. Agreed…, it is the right of a hero for getting misunderstood by all at first and then becoming a saint. Here too, Cletus is without all the traits of a hero of formulaic movies. But, he deserves some kind of punishments too because of some of his past duties. The comparison of Jesus Christ’s life with that of Cletus too doesn’t worked out properly.

Then the next comes, which is the lack of proper way of management of the story. Many questions remained unanswered. The character of Kailash comes and goes blinkingly, without any trail. We could see Cletus arguing with the Dysp character of Vijayaraghavan frequently that he won’t forget about what had happened between them in the past. But, the need of these kinds of conversation too vanishes as the plot moves further. So, “Daivathinte Swantham Cletus” is going back to the position from which it started the journey – a nullifying state.


As the posters of the movie indicated, it is the presence of Mr. Mammootty, which is the biggest highlight of it. He appeared in a different look and delivered a good act. Although his character was rouge like one, he never indulged in the same state as he cracked some jokes too. Mammootty, as an actor can’t boast anything in this movie compared to his past records. Aju Varghese, as the tail end of Mammootty performed according to the needs.

At the same time, all others too delivered justifiable jobs, be it Siddiuqe or P Balachandran and the whole lot of drama artists and to an extend Honey Rose, if you don’t want to miss her name. But, it was Suraj Venjarammood, who outshone everyone with his great piece of comic dialogue delivery. The way of his comic act has changed dramatically in the past one year as he less relied on exaggerated expressions.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematography was of an average work, though captured the beautiful visuals of the environment. At the same time, other departments like set designing – which was of above average quality towards the end, and editing boasts nothing new.

Music: The music by Bijipal was below average at times, so is the BG works. Maybe one song, of which one can’t remember the lyrics, can be considered as hummable.


Script written by Benny P Nayarambalam can find a great similarity with his previous works. The veteran as usual started at a point/mysterious character, and then looked into it’ background story and came back to the present. His recent works such “Marykkundoru Kunjadu”, “Puthiya Theerangal” too had similar kind of placement of characters.

But, the script writer didn’t forget to mix humorous elements with abundance in the script. It was the sole consoling element in the movie. The less care given to the loosening of plot and characterization were the main drawbacks of his work in this movie.


Marthandan, though a debutant can’t take excuses as he has worked with many prominent directors in the past. The way he narrated the whole lot of process doesn’t seemed positive at all. He relied much on the same formulaic roots, from which Malayalam movies are slowly getting out.

Verdict: An uninteresting plot with uninteresting narration.

Rating: 2.0

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