Actress Ananya – Thokku Swami Issue

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South Indian actress Ananya is always famous for her amateur stories. Ambiguous statements had always followed her ans unfortunately turned true. The recent one was when actor Madhavan, with whom she declared to do her upcoming project with,openly raised a question, “who is Ananya?” Now the famous de-fame owner Ananya is twirled up with another controversy. The credulous female who was the great ‘bakta’ of Himaval Maheshwara Bhadrananda Swami(Thokku Swami), the very famous bigot who was once arrested for illegal obsessions. By giving an attention grabbing interview for ACV channel, in which she openly clarified that she is a great follower of Himaval Badrananda Swami,which later turned digging her own grave. The controversy became more reliable when videos of the interview where in she is preaching in front of ‘Swami’s’ photo was posted in youtube.
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Report By : Akhila
Indian Webcasting Media [IWM]
Published: Time : 11:34 P.M /June 19, 2011

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