Aaru Sundarimarude Katha Malayalam Movie Review

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Aaru Sundarimarude Katha Malayalam Movie Poster 400 Aaru Sundarimarude Katha Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: AV Anoop.

Director: Rajesh K Abraham.

Cast: Zarina Wahab, Nadia Moidu, Lena, Lakshmi Ray, Shamna Kasim, Umang Jain, Prathap Pothen, Narien.

Cinematography: Sameer Haq.

Music: Deepak Dev.

Screenplay: Rajesh K Abraham, Sennie Varghese.

Production Co: A. V. A. Productions

Review“Aaru Sundarimarude Katha” often reminds you that how prickly does the fate of the movie could change within flashes of seconds. Even though there were some scopes for enchanting the audience, what perhaps remained is the coalition of some bustling activities.

Running in the seventies, Chachi Moothedan (Zarina Wahab) resides in a palatial house in Wagamon and exploring the new found joy in technological advancement. The big business firm started off by Chachi’s late. Husband is now under the management of Chachi’s daughter Rose (Nadia Moidu) and her husband Alex Paul (Prathap Pothen). The couple’s only daughter Anju (Umang Jain) is an aspiring tennis player with lots of dreams about her career.

There are some other lives too residing in the other part of the world. Sreekumar (Narein) and Meena (Shaman Kasim) along with their child lives in their own happiness and sorrows. Having been fired out after the ongoing recession, Sreekumar finds it tough to proceed, while Meena is having an intriguing life contended with full of her imagination about Sreekumar’s dealings with others, especially with ladies. As the movie proceeds, we came to know that both Sreekumar and Rose are childhood friends parted after their school education. Everything have changed after a lady named Cyns (Lena), with whom, Alex is having companionship died mysteriously. How this murder mystery is solved forms the rest of the story.

As you could see from the storyline, that there could have been a crime thriller which unfolds some unknown truths. But, this chance was consumed by the makers without much care. As a result, the mystery element was loosened by the half way through it. One might not wonder seeing some interesting elements from the movie. Weaving all those stories has been done in a neat manner that the buildup of each character was so controlled. Having introduced you who they are, the movie lost its charm and turned out to be another ordinary piece of work.

Most probably, the art of teaching was used inappropriate this occasion. Due to the bulk amount of moral story telling movies, the audiences are tired of seeing such emotional overflows. Yes, indeed an unethical work results in tragedy. It is not about forgetting this lesson. But, as a popular entertainment medium, cinema has more purpose than offering a moral class. The biggest setback that the movie suffered was the failing grip over the secret element. Also some characters remained under – utilized. Lakshmi Ray was offered a meaty role, but was only limited to some scenes, thus spoiling the chance of exploring her character. Having shown you both the ends of lives, “Aaru Sundarimarude Katha” could have boast of offering a thrilling movie, which eventually fell down due to inadequate eye of the makers.

PerformanceThe story is of course a woman – centric one. Thus one can’t travel without specifying the contribution of the female leads. The aged role was full in control of Zarina Wahab’s performance, while Nadia Moidu as the daughter brought some freshness to the environment. The seriousness and rectitude of a lady sitting in an important chair of duty was evident in her performance.

Lena being offered a crucial role was restricted to a small amount of screen space, but utilized the opportunity well. While the rest of characters including Umang Jain and Shamna Kasim suffered from lack of freshness but was compelling at some parts. The most anent note that one could draw could have been that of Lakshmi Ray’s. Though did a neat job, the actress was unable to exhibit a proper performance.

Leading male actors such as Prathap Pothen and Narein too was convincing in their respective roles. Prathap Pothen’s acting might ask you to take a look at his performance from “22 Female Kottayam”.

Technical aspects: Having said about the possibility of the prospectus of the movie, one must say that the technical side stood firm footed to provide the adequate dredging works. The color tone was almost perfect and cinematographic works were rightly in synch with the movie. The mist of Wagamon has helped in this process a lot. The editing table should think about some serious discussion once again in order to make it more enforcing.

The dubbing seems to have not worked in favor at least in the case of Umang Jain. The model cum actress from Mumbai seems to have problems with the language.

Music: Music at times was placed improperly. Otherwise a good piece of work individually, the combination of storytelling with music was not that much interesting.

Script: Script evoked a feeling of having been included some interesting elements. But sadly, it fell in the trap of being repetitive. One must not forget the goodness it offered during the initial phase of the movie.

Direction: Having the freedom to explore the talents of the cast, the direction could have been more mead, if a little care was given. The scribbling of characters was effective, but since then the director forgot to cash in the opportunity.

Verdict: Sadly another movie too would be added to the list of falling from the heights of an engrossing movie.

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