4 flops at the Box Office

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Too much flavor ruins the dish. Same happened here last Friday when the four “so called hits”, Chappa Kurishu. Collector, Film Star and Manushya Mrugam was experienced by the audience–it was bitter. May be the films are visually perfect, but the contend couldn’t mark its grade. The law on paper says that it only two releases a week. But here the four came out together. Its a case of serious doubt, “why we Malayalis got the high tendency to break the rules at any field?”. its high time for the directors to understand the changing taste of the Malayali audience. All the four high budget movies couldn’t even make it up till Monday.

Report By : Akhila
Indian Webcasting Media [IWM]
Published: Time : 10:55 P.M /July 18, 2011

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