25 Sovereign Gold ‘ Aranjanam ‘ for Rathi Chechi

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Bhima Jewellery’s Kottayam branch sponsered 25 Sovereign of ” Gold Aranjanam ” (waist chain) to the character Rathi Chechi by Shwetha Menon for Rathinirvedam remake.This waist chain is designed by Kukku Parameswaran in antique model.

The old version of Padmarajan’s Rathinirvedam (1978) Jaya Bharathi played the role of Rathi Chechi,who wears this dazzling waist chain in one of the most exciting scenes with (Krishnachandran as) young Pappu.”Living Together Fame” Sreejith as playing young Pappu in Rathinirvedam remake.

The story takes place in a small village surrounded by hills and valleys. Pappu, a teenager falls in love with an older girl from the neighborhood Rathi (Jayabharathi).  She becomes an object of fantasy for him. His passion for the girl drives him crazy as he fails to win her friendship initially.  The girl resists his advances in the beginning but gradually gives in and consummates the relationship on a wet stormy night.  From that day their lives change dramatically. An unexpected climax leaves the audience in tears.

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By : Nidheesh RN
Published: March 3, 2011

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