1983 Malayalam Movie Review

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1983 malayalam movie review-001 (1)1983 Malayalam Movie Review

Producer: Shamsuddin.

Director: Shine Abrid.

Music: Gopi Sunder.

Cinematography: Pradeep Varma.

Cast: Nivin Pauly, Anoop Menon, Nikki Galrani, Joy Mathew, Saiju Kurup, Gregory.

The effect which has made the brimming victory of Indian cricket team in the 1983 world cup has got a movie definition through the movie ‘1983’. Movie has managed to mix the emotions of Indian youth along with the possible struggles they have to face for the sake of cricket in their personal life.

In a sense, movie has managed to make you remind that how beautiful was those days, when you go out and play cricket in the paddy fields along with your close buddies. Overall, the movie has brought freshness to the oft repeated cricket mania of youngsters in Kerala, as elsewhere in India. The effect happened in the life of Rameshan due to the erstwhile victory of Indian team has to an extent was cleanly executed by the makers in the movie. Well, the portions dealing with the youthful portions of Rameshan and friends were the most happening portions of the movie. Since most of these happenings take place in the first half, the latter portion turned out to be a rather slow runner. Well, the portions dealing with the struggles of Rameshan in the real life situations, when he lost the things he valued most in life, too were appealing; but, it is just that the lost pace has lowered the heightened first half experience of the movie.

Not to mention about the kind of energy level kept in the movie throughout, which is the biggest plus point of the movie. Be it the characterization wise or the total narration of the plot, maker of ‘1983’ has succeeded in keeping the momentum throughout despite the changed environment or time period.

Performance: Performance wise, it was a total Nivin Pauly show. It was through his viewport, which the movie has scorched past each frame. Be it the childish, yet vigorous cricket maniac youthful face or that of the matured one, with the burden of unfulfilled dreams, the role fitted to him in ‘T’. Other lead artist such as Nikki Galrani – the young sweetheart of Rameshan, or Saiju Kurup, Sanju, Kalabhavan Prajod and all the rest of the team produced good piece of acting performance, so is Joy Mathew as the concerned father of Nivin and Shrinda Ashab as his wife.

Gregory provided some nice laughing time with the small time space he was provided. Anoop Menon in the role of coach did a wonderful job with another elegant piece of performance.

Technical aspects: The cinematographic department was mind blowing with rich frames and was a great visual experience. Set designing and editing department too was hand in hand with the movie.

Music: Music charts of the movie, which has already created a wave among the movie buffs, has created a good effect when seen in big screens as well.

Script: A neatly executed script is what Shine Abrid has produced here. His detailed characterization was evident in the case with Nivin’s character. A range of emotions are drawn out in him and the social background of the era too was accurate in the narration. However, the second half portions were lagging compared to that of first half.

The dialogues too were catchy in the movie.

Direction: Shine Abrid could definitely hold his head high as he proved his mettle with the first film itself. The racy narration in the first half and a slow piece of running in the second half were executed with utmost care by him. He was successful in weaving the whole characters together and filling the right emotions in right time.

Verdict: This movie deserves some respect.

Rating: 3.0

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